Romantic dinner

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Take your partner or your spouse by surprise with a romantic dinner on the celebrities’ beach, Playa Blanca. Intimate, soft music with some sea breeze and the voices from the sea will together turn this special evening into an unforgettable one.


Sunset, sea breeze, soft music, few people… these features offer wonderful harmony to one of the most famous beaches in Punta Cana, Playa Blanca. In daylight we can find here blindingly white sand and wonderful coral reefs with real turquoise sea water. When the sun sets in the evening, the sun becomes beautiful again, but it’s true that in this case due to its calmness. Suddenly everybody leaves this place, the lights at the seaside are turned on, you can hear some soft music from the restaurant. A romantic beach. A romantic dinner. Spend an unforgettable evening at the edge of the Caribbean Sea, at the beginning of the Atlantic ocean and dedicate yourself to calmness and romance, enjoy the natural tastes of the Dominican cuisine together with your partner…


Tortuga Bay, the most famous hotel in Punta Cana is located near the beach together with Julio Iglesias’ and the world famous designer’s, Oscar de la Renta’s villas.


Leaving the hotel: 6:30 pm

Return to the hotel: 11:00-12:00 pm


Price: 65 USD romantic dinner


Price: 80 USD romantic dinner extra


Dinner: we can send you the menu on request and we can take your order in advance. We can calculate the total price of the dinner.


Clothes: Elegant, comfortable clothes, entry in shorts and sleeveless tops is strictly prohibited.