Dear Passengers,


We can guarantee your participation in our programs only if you send the applicable deposit for it. Depending on your booking, we will send you a deposit bill regarding the value of the programs, circuits, transfers or charters for 50, 100, 150, 200 or 300 USD. We will send this bill to your e-mail address given on the booking form and the e-mail will be a Pay Pal card reading system as well, so you can pay via it. If you want to pay by credit card, you don’t have to register in the system and you don’t need a currency account. You pay in HUF and the bank will exchange it into USD.

Please bring the e-mail proving your payment with you either in a digital or printed form!!!

If because of an illness (doctor’s certificate is required from the doctor of the hotel or the doctor called for) or bad weather our dear customer is not able to take part in the trip, circuit, we fully pay back your prepaid money in USD personally at the hotel named on the booking form. For customers who don’t take part in the tour without any reasons (and they are not available in 24 hours before the journey either on the phone or personally) are not entitled to any refund.


In case of a transfer* and charter* there is no exception. We cannot pay back the money for the passengers who don’t arrive.

(*plane, helicopter or bus)

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Other information:

Travel conditions:

  • Drunk passengers, or if they are incapacitated for any other reason, cannot take part in our trip and they cannot use our charter or transfer services either.
  • Bringing knives, cutters or any other objects that may cause injury to our trips is strictly forbidden.
  • On our tours to Saona island and Samana pregnant women (over 3 months) and people suffering from respiratory or any muscolo-skeletol disorder, or have problems with their blood pressure or heart cannot take part.
  • We are not liable for objects and valuables lost, disappeared, damaged during the trip.
  • We don’t take responsibility for injuries caused by irresponsible behaviour, however, we try to give any kind of help to treat it.
  • Our company has its insurance and rescue helicopter service (only on land).
  • It is forbidden to take any starfish, shells, corals or sand out of the Dominican Republic. Some shells are edible, can take the rest of them out after you have arranged the particular species with the tour guide.
  • Throwing your litter away during the trips is strictly forbidden. Those who cause any damage to the national park or at any other places must pay for the damage. Our company is not liable for these damages.
  • Our company keeps the right to cancel any tours or change the departure time because of bad weather conditions.
  • Our company keeps the right to change the route of Saona Canto de la Playa which means a Saona & Catalinita tour.
  • In case of Saona Canto de la Playa tour pregnant women cannot stay on the board of the ship.
  • Our company keeps the right in case of air tours to cancel the flight, arrange another flight or choose land transportation because of bad weather conditions.
  • We ask our passengers and every participant to keep the timetable and be at the reception at the given time. We wait for maximum 15 minutes keeping in mind that there are some other passengers at other hotels waiting for us and the basic principle of our business policy is punctuality.
  • Children under 12 cannot drive buggy or quad even in case of their parents’ consent.

Useful information for our clients:


Directly from our website, you can book via e-mail for free. Give your name, the date of your arrival, the number of participants, the name of the hotel, the length of your stay in the Dominican Republic. On the day of your arrival, please contact us on (00-1) 809-864-5862 to prove your arrival and so that we can activate your pre-booked tours for you. (If you cannot contact us on your first day, then you can do that on the following day as well. Over 48 hours we delete your booking. You can leave a message in e-mail as well or you can give your room number at the hotel and the hours when we can call you)


Date of the tour:

We have to organise our tours during our clients’ stay, so our tours are available on each day of the week. The departure is always early in the morning (except for our dolphin programs). Collecting passengers is always from the hotel from 5:30 or 6:00 am. Return to the hotels depends on the location of the hotel between 6:00 and 8:00 pm. Of course, it also depends on the type of the tour. Passengers who want to participate in more tours have the chance to ask for a day off so that during their stay the tours wouldn’t be too exhausting for them. The time of our tours depends on weather conditions, so sometimes we have to differ from the patterns. We make sure to inform our clients about all the changes that may occur.


Conditions of payment:

If you want to pay in cash, you have to do it on the day of the tour. You always have to settle the bill of the particular tour. You have to give the money to the tour organiser. If it is possible, please prepare this sum of money in advance. We ask our clients not to leave the money in their hotel rooms because at the end of the tour everybody wants to get back to the hotel as soon as possible. So please, don’t make the other passengers wait for you. Programs with dolphins are exceptions, you have to pay either in advance or at the dolphin park. You have to give the sum sent you in advance directly to the tour organiser. The price of the tours is given in USD. We also accept euro and Dominican peso with the daily exchange rate. We don’t accept credit cards.



Passengers who choose our 3*1 day program package are entitled to discount. It is 5-10 % from the price. Children 0-3 years can participate for free, for children 3-10 years 50% discount is applicable. In case of our dolphin programs children’s discount is not applicable. Air tours: children’s discount is not applicable.



We are among those few who organise comprehensive tours and circuits along the Dominican Republic. The period of time can be varied, form 8 and 10 days depending on the tour you choose. These circuits show you everyday life in the Dominican Republic, its customs, the natural beauties of the country, places that are not accessible from your hotel.


Some information about our trips:

Our tours are mainly of natural historical, cultural or recreational features. On these tours we apply different means of transportation: bus, plane, ship. On some special occasions we have to ride a horse, motorbike or drive a quad to reach our destination.


Minimum and maximum participants on our trips:

Saona island: minimum 6 people-maximum 30 people

Samana air tour: minimum 4 people-maximum 18 people (small group: 4 people) (big group: 5-18 people)

Samana land tour (2 days): minimum 6 people-maximum 12 people

Santo Domingo land tour: minimum 4 people-maximum 18 people

Santo Domingo air tour: minimum 4 people-maximum 18 people

La Altagracia and La Romana: minimum 4 people-maximum 12 people

Rancho Mar Taino: minimum 6 people-maximum 30 people

Radical buggy and small buggy: minimum 8 people-maximum 30 people

Swimming with seals: minimum 1 people-maximum 12 people

Swimming with rays and sharks: minimum 1 people-maximum 6 people


Dolphin programs:

Funtastic program: minimum 8 people-maximum 20 people

Explorer program: minimum 6 people-maximum 12 people

Excellence program: minimum 6 people-maximum 10 people

These numbers are characteristic of our groups. On special request of travel agencies we can work with bigger groups as well (except for our dolphin programs).