Dominican Circuit 10 Days



10 Days Duration; 5/10 Physical distress; 4-8 persons Number of hikers; Speed ​​boat Transport vehicle Small bus Vehicle

Only Adult Food & Beverages are provided. Circuit Accommodation is secured.

Because of the natural values ​​of the Dominican Republic, it is one of the most attractive countries in the world. Beside the beaches of turquoise waters, high mountain ranges, semi-arid areas, banana, cocoa and tobacco plantations, a multitude of national parks, a special animal and flora, the bustling capital and the pleasant music make the island unique. Start with us and discover it just as Columbus did over 500 years ago.

Guided tours: in English, Spanish, German and Hungarian

There is also the possibility take this tour where passengers arrive only for the circuit in the Dominican Republic, in this case we will take care of the hotel and other necessary things.

EXCURSION PRICE 10-day Tour: 1499 USD

DATE OF DELIGHT Dominican Republic – Tour 10 days / 9 nights

Departures throughout the year, on the 1st and 21st of each month.


  • Bus transfer Sea transfer
  • Daily three meals Drinking Beverage
  • Accommodation 2 ** or 3 ** Hotels with air conditioning, Tv
  • Guided tours: in English, Spanish, German and Hungarian


  • Cap swimwear
  • mosquito Towel
  • sunglasses Camera
  • Sun protection!!! Clothing Exchange


  • The excursion starts at a specific time
  • The trip is English, German, Spanish, Hungarian
  • Only for adult passengers (min 16 years)
  • Passengers are picked up at the hotel or at the airport at the specified time
  • On the arriving bus, look for the following logo: “SEE MORE TRAVEL SERVICES.”

Cruise on one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful islands, where descendants of Taino Indians, European colonists and African slaves live in bhakta and merengue in beautiful turquoise blue and palm trees. The Dominican Republic is one of the destinations that at least everyone wants to see. Most of us enjoy the services of all-inclusive hotels in the tourist areas, between the four walls and the beach of the hotel, though this wonderful country offers a wealth of attractions and offers you the opportunity to enjoy nature wonders, jungles, waterfalls, national parks, Dominican inhabitants and the unique fauna. The inhabitants of the country are kind and friendly, offering almost always selflessly their help to the visitors who are always in constant cheerfulness and smile.


Because of the natural values ​​of the Dominican Republic, it is one of the most attractive countries in the world. Beside the beaches of Turkmen, high mountain ranges, semi-arid areas, banana, cocoa and tobacco plantations, a multitude of national parks, a special animal and flora, the bustling capital and the pleasant music make the island unique. Start with us and discover it just as Columbus did over 500 years ago.

Day 1

Early in the morning, depart from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo, where even the travel companions will join us. We go to the western part of the island to explore the most unpopular landscapes. Early in the afternoon, we stop at Trujillo’s former dictator’s private residence at Playa Najayo, where almost every day we meet the celebrating and entertaining camp of the Dominicans as they enjoy the seaside breeze, bachata with fish dishes and Presidente beer. In this way of life, we are going right away and follow the local people’s habits. Depart further on the Baní, Barahona route half way to Pedernales, to the westernmost town on the Dominican-Haiti border. We arrive at the small cozy guesthouse Hostel Dona Chava, which is a small family-run hotel, with internet access and a kitchen.

Day 2

In the morning, after a rest, we will go to the Parque Nacional Jaragua (Jaragua National Park) and visit the Laguna de Oviedo (Oviedo Laguna) where we will take a small boat to the other end of the lagoon where the small islands are located where the Iguanas live, but we will encounter a lot of flamingos on the way. Then we go up to the mountains, Hoyo de Pelempito, where we can admire the wonderful hillside of the Dominican-Haiti border. After the mountainous area, we descend to one of the most beautiful Caribbean coasts to Bahia de las Aguilas where you can spend wonderful hours on this white sandy beach. The most famous fashion designer of the Dominican Republic, Oscar de La Renta and his group, are very fond of this shore to showcase different collections. Return to the accommodation, prepare a typical Dominican dinner and prepare for the next day’s tour.

Day 3

Leaving the western part of the country is first epoch to the east, where we turn to the north of the largest lake of the Dominican Republic, which is about 40 meters below the sea level, high mountains and semi-arid areas. Lago Enriquillo (Lake Enriquillo) is about five times as salty as sea water, the only place where crocodiles occur. In the middle of the lake an island is located on Isla Cabrita (Cabrita Island), which also gives life to different iguanas. After discovering the lake, we head to the capital, via Barahona, where the largest sugar cane plants are found, the famous dominical rum and sugar raw material. In a nice part of the capital, in the Bella Vista district, we are staying in a cozy hotel, in the evening a small walk is recommended in this calm district, depending on the tiredness.

Day 4

We get to know the first city of the new American, Santo Domingo. We begin our exploration tour in the historic part of town where we can gain insight into the XV-XVI. century, how the city developed how to defend itself against the pirates. We will visit the Casa de Colón, the first cathedral in America, to walk through Condé, the oldest pedestrian street in the Caribbean, and visit the Parque de Independencia (Independence Park) where the founders of the state, Mellija, Sanchez and Duarte. We will continue our journey with a little sightseeing, visit the Palacio Nacional (Presidential Palace), the Duarte Market, the Museum of Fine Arts and the districts where the wealthier and poorer citizens of the capital live. In the late afternoon, we drive our way to the center of the country on the Duarte highway, tobacco in the cake of coffee and cocoa.

Day 5

Before we begin our journey to the tobacco and cocoa plantations, we visit Jarabacoa where the highest mountains are located, accompanied by waterfalls (Salto de Jimenoa) and La Vega, where every February, the world-famous La Vega carnival is held, which for 4 weeks fever the city and the country. After a mountain tour, we occupy our accommodation in the second largest city of the republic, Santiago de los Caballeros.

Day 6

The city of Santiago is a beautiful and organized image that is commonly known as Ciudad de Corazon (Heartland). There are several reasons for this, for example, this city is the economic and agricultural engine of the country and also because it is located in the middle of the country, human heart in the middle part of the body. We gain insight into the past of the Dominican Cigar Factory through the Leon Jimenez Cigar Factory, and here we would like to mention to our dear ones that the famous Cuban production of cigars can be traced back to the Dominican Republic, which unfortunately very few people know, but serious cigar guides soon find that the Dominican Cigar from Cuban cigars. Leaving the city in San Francisco de Macoris we visit the citadel coconut industry where we learn about cocoa production and its processing.

Day 7

We head north to the town of La Isabella where we visit the city founded by the first Spaniards, where today there are ruins of the city, Christopher Columbus and the chambers of the first settlers. Continuing our journey, we reach the largest city in the north, Puerto Plata, where we visit the Fort San Felipe, the Victorian town and the coastal part of Malecon. We spend the evening in this beautiful and quiet city, and an important visit remains for the next day.

Day 8

After breakfast we start off in the footsteps of the famous dominican rummage, we continue our journey to the famous Brugal rum factory where we can get to know the history of the most popular rum production and the rum route from the cane to the bottling. We travel to Rio San Juan at a pleasant pace, where we start on a small cruise on the Laguna Grigri, then touch Nagua and Sanchez to reach the famous Limón waterfall (the highest on the island, 40 meters) and Samana. We spend the evening at Malecon at the seaside and spend the night in a nice family hotel.

Day 9

After an early wake-up call, we head to the harbor where we sail and sail to Sabana de la Mar, where we will take a round trip to the Parque de los Haitises, the mangrove forests and the old Indian caves. In the afternoon, we head back to Samana, where we sail again and drive to Cayo Levantado, known as Bacardi Island. We start at Bayahibe at 5am by the end of the capital.

Day 10

The highlight of the circuit, the Saona Island day. In the morning we will be sailing on a small Caribbean cruise, where we will visit Parque Nacional Este (Oriental National Park) and the most beautiful beaches of the republic such as Las Palmillas, Cautano, Mano Juan and Canto de la Playa. there will be places where you can enjoy the crystal clear, hot seawater between sea stars, in the middle of the sea, sand dunes.

Day +1

Returning to Sao Island, we arrive at Bayahibe where this wonderful and meaningful journey ends. From here, we will take our passengers to Santo Domingo or Punta Cana or to the selected resort where you want to spend the rest of the day for a relaxing holiday as many of our customers do. Punta Cana, Bayahibe is best suited to enjoying a Caribbean vacation in a 4 or 5 star resort.

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