Island Center Circuit 3 Days



3 Days Duration; 5/10 Physical distress; 4-8 persons Number of hikers; Speed ​​boat Transport Vehicle Minibus

Only for Adult Tours and drinks provided Curtains Accommodation is provided.

Because of the natural values ​​of the Dominican Republic, it is one of the most attractive countries in the world. Beside the beaches of turquoise waters, high mountain ranges, semi-arid areas, banana, cocoa and tobacco plantations, a multitude of national parks, a special animal and flora, the bustling capital and the pleasant music make the island unique. Start with us and discover it just as Columbus did over 500 years ago.

Guided tours: in English, Spanish, German and Hungarian

There is also the possibility of a bicycle tour where passengers arrive only on the boulevard in the Dominican Republic, in this case we will take care of the hotel and other necessary things.

DATES OF DESTINATION Dominican Republic – Center of the Island Circuit 3 days / 2 nights

Departures throughout the year, every day of the month.

PRICE RATE Island center Tour: 599 USD


  • Bus transfer Sea transfer
  • Daily three meals Drinking Beverage
  • Accommodation 2 ** or 3 ** Hotels with air conditioning, Tv
  • Guided tours: in English, Spanish, German and Hungarian


  • Cap swimwear
  • mosquito Towel
  • sunglasses Camera
  • Clothing Exchange


  •  The excursion starts at a specific time
  •  The trip is English, German, Spanish, Hungarian
  •  Only for adult passengers (min 16 years)
  •  Passengers are picked up at the hotel or at the airport at the specified time
  •  On the arriving bus, look for the following logo: “SEE MORE TRAVEL SERVICES.”

Day 1

In the early hours we depart from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo, where any of our associates join us. After a short break, we will visit the historic district of Santo Domingo where we will meet with the first cathedral of the new world, Diego (Diego) with the one walkway of the Caribbean, El Condé, the Independence Park and the National Pantheon. After the city visit we will continue to La Vega, a town where every year in February, one of the most spectacular carnival events in the world is held for 1 month. After the small town’s famous main square and church, we head to the mountains to Jarabacoa where we take our mountain lodgings.

Day 2

Early in the morning, we continue our journey to the Yaque del Norte River where our trials begin on this fast river, crossing wonderful landscapes. After the adrenaline-inspiring adventure we set out for a more comfortable hike through the hanging bridge to the famous Jimenoa waters and then to another waterfall called Salto de Baiguate. Then, after a long and adventurous hike we return to rest.

Day 3

After a very early departure we will head down and after a short drive we will head for Constanta again. We will visit the famous waterfall Aguas Blancas and then the famous Valle Nuevo pyramid, which is located between Constanza and San Jose de Ocoa in the center of the Dominican community. Our visit will be completed in a famous national park called Parque José del Carmen Ramirez. Here is the highest point in the Caribbean of the Pico Duarte 3175m. In the evening, we continue our journey to the capital, from where we come back to Punta Cana in the late hours. The Dominican Republic consists not only of hotels and beaches. Its marvelous natural values, besides the tourist zones, have lifelong memories.


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