Los Haitises National Park and Caño Hondo

  • Haiti mountain
  • Haiti mountain

Physical exercise: 6/10

Hundreds of years old mangrove forests, Indian caves, cave drawings in the original state, wonderful wildlife, pelicans, hippos, frigate birds, special animals characterize the largest and most famous Dominican national park.
It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parts of the country, special geological formations, flora and fauna, underground rivers, caves and islets. The Bahia de San Lorenzo, as well as different rivers are living spaces for birds, such as pelicans, frigate birds, squirrels, goblets. A major part of the Haitises National Park is karstic platform, the only geological formation of this kind in the Caribbean, but also in the world. It provides habitat for hundreds of types of migratory and indigenous birds with extensive mangrove systems where old Taino Indian caves can be visited with rock formations and speeches, historical and archaeological values.

Passengers will be picked up at the front desk of the hotel in the morning between 6:30 and 7:30, return to the hotel between 19:00 and 19:30.

Adult: 150 USD
Children (3-10 years): 75 USD
Small child (0-3 years): Free

– Bus transfer 
– Sea transfer (speed boat)
– Buffet-style lunch
– Entries

– Swimwear
– Towels
– Slippers
– Hat
– Sunglasses
– Camera
– Sunblock
– Repellent
– Change of clothes

– The excursion starts every day, it is in English.
– For children 3-10 years we offer a 50% discount (free of charge between 0-3 years).
– Passengers are picked up at the hotel reception at a specified time.
– In case of passengers being late for more than 5 minutes at pick up, it counts as NO SHOW and the paid excursion is not refundable.
– On the arriving bus, look for the following logo: ‘SEE MORE TRAVEL SERVICES’.


  1. Travel by minibus to the National Park.
    The journey takes 90-120 minutes. Personal check-in at reception. Air conditioned, comfortable minibuses of 8-10 people with experienced drivers. During the journey we can gain insights into the lives of local residents.
  2. The tour starts to north.
    We go through Miches, La Cañita and finally we reach Sabana de la Mar.
  3. On an adventurous road we get to Caño Hondo.
    This is a small river port, we cross the country’s oldest mangrove forest and here we reach the Bahia de San Lorenzo from where we can see the entire Haitises National Park.
  4. We continue our journey.
    We reach the ancient Indian caves at La Linea. We can see incredible formations, rock engraving and pictorial scripts by indigenous people.
  5. Caño Hondo.
    Waterfalls and swimming areas of rivers where after a tiring tour, we have the opportunity to refresh.
  6. Sabana de la Mar.
    After the visit, we return to the village of Sabana de la Mar where we have special fish dishes, a typical fish called Minuta that is caught only here. It is also interesting to travel in areas where we get close to the public, sugarcane plantations and hills with jungle, and we can get an insight into the everyday true Dominican life.
  7. Return.
    At the end of our tour, we leave to the hotels by minibus before sunset, reaching the hotels in the late hours of the evening.


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