Wedding Photos In Altos De Chavon

  • Wedding Photos In Altos De Chavon
  • Wedding Photos In Altos De Chavon

The wedding symbolizes love, commitment and happiness. Wedding pictures are supposed to transmit the feeling of the day, so it’s not enough just to document the events in a simple way, but they have to tell a story of which you two will be the main characters. After the wedding, the memories will soon fade away, so only the wedding photos remain to recall those wonderful experiences and moments you have been having at the wedding. This is why it is not negligible who we trust with this noble task in this wonderful environment.



Leaving from Punta Cana/Bávaro by appointment, meeting at the hotel reception, returning at 18:00-20:00 pm.


  • Travel by minibus to Altos de Chavon
    We leave at a pre-agreed date to start the photo shoot at this location; the journey takes 30-45 minutes.
    Personal check-in at the hotel reception.
    Air-conditioned, comfortable minibus with experienced driver, English speaking escort and photographer.
    During the journey we can gain insights into the lives of local residents.
  • Arrival
    After a short trip, we arrive at the photo shoot site where we will look around the sights of Altos de Chavon to get familiar with the shooting venue.
  • Preparations
    Using private dressing rooms, you can change and start preparing for the photo session.
  • Photography
    During the photo session, we usually go around the whole site and try to have a good time. We make very few set-up pictures because we prefer when the pictures are live, natural, and full of feelings. It is a good thing if a third person can be with the couple during the creative photography, who helps the bride with accessories, makeup and dress adjustments. We can provide with assistant, makeup stylist, hairdresser for the young couple upon request.
  • Refresh and relax
    Creative photography is a very tiring activity. In the Dominican Republic we walk around large areas often in 30-35 C degrees, in bridal gown and suits. In such circumstances, a 1.5 hour photo session can be very exhaustive, so we have to leave time to refresh, relax and fix makeups.
  • Photography at four locations
    After relaxing, we will continue to take photos until sunset at locations chosen by the young couple.
  • Sunset
    In the colorful Caribbean sunset, we invite the couple to take an unrepeatable sunset photo session.
  • The End Of The Day
    At the end of a day of wonderful experiences and lifetime memories, we return to the hotel late at night. The edited pictures will be available for the couple at a pre-arranged time.

The package includes

  • Altos de Chavon taxes and entry
  • Planning the photo session and coordinating the details
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Groom’s boutonniere
  • 4 colored photo session at 4 locations
  • Pen drive with full photo session
  • Gift
  • Drinks are provided
  • Land Transport hotel – Altos de Chavon – hotel

What to bring

  • Wedding dress
  • Wedding rings
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • Repellent
  • Change of clothes

Good to know

On the spot there is a possibility to prepare for photo session.

50 photos more is for 200 USD. (Available on site.)

We do not offer discounts for wedding packages, so if you would like to reserve trips too and apply the relevant discounts, please purchase it separately (not in the same basket)!

Photography in a forgotten Mediterranean city of the past

Altos de Chavon is an old, Mediterranean-style villa at the height of the Chavon River, also known as the Coral Town. It is the home of the Cultural Center, the National Archaeological Museum and the so-called City of Artists. There is an amphitheater with thousands of seats, where special and very famous artists perform; the first concert was given by Frank Sinatra and Carlos Santana. When you visit Altos de Chavon, your first thought is that it is a very old city, it seems to be at least 400 or 500 years old because of the cobbled streets and houses, also because its look is characterized by a medieval city, but it was built only from 1976 by an American entrepreneur Charles Bluhdorn, owner of Warner Bros. Thousands of tons of stones had to be blown up to make the buildings, squares, the church and the amphitheater ready. Gossips say that this was a gift for the businessman’s daughter’s birthday. The archaeological museum of Altos de Chavon has over 30,000 objects from the life of the Taino Indians. Altos de Chavon is a popular venue for filmmakers and professional photographers, because we have a wonderful view that is difficult to be fed up with. In the last years, it has been made possible to use the venue for wedding photography session to create extraordinary and intimate pictures. All the buildings and places of the Coral Town are part of the locations of the photo session.

Creative photography

Creative photography is the chapter of a wedding ceremony when the young couple is set in front of the camera in a completely different and stressless environment (usually after the big event, rarely before it). As an experienced wedding photographer, I’ve been looking for a location for a creative photo session where I can show the young couple’s feelings to each other with the help of the unique environment and catch those tiny moments that only once show up in life.

‘Good work takes time!’

This is common to say, but it is true for photography too. In order to make unique and high quality pictures, two things are important: choosing the right time and the right shooting place. The best choice is to organize photo session before the wedding ceremony – or even better, on the day before the wedding ceremony – and to spend 3.5 to 4.5 hours on it.


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