Wedding Packages

Let the sea be the witness of your wedding. Saona Island is the perfect spot to celebrate one of the most important days of your life. Our business will make your dream come true of a wedding in Paradise. You and your partner, facing the sea, surrounded by palm trees, white sand, crystal clear water. It’s a unique opportunity that only Saona Island can offer with its exotic beaches.
Wedding, wedding anniversary, symbolic wedding on a romantic beach, on open air, where the perfect climate is guaranteed; this is the best choice. Saona Island’s microclimate is ideal for your marriage ceremony.
Dream, dare to dream further away from the usual and leave us to plan your wedding on the beach, which can be as elegant and simple as you want. You may think of a simple and natural wedding, so we will give you some ideas, advise, make offers and help you in everything you need. We make sure that you enjoy all the moments of the wedding and we take over all the organization.
There are several experts and organizers who we are partners with in order to ensure and guarantee that the wedding ceremony will take place in the perfect organization and execution up to the latest details, and we also make sure that your wedding is unforgettable.
Plan the wedding of your life as you like under a pleasant and magical tropical climate.
Check out our wedding packages and choose the perfect option for you and your partner.


Non Plus Ultra Wedding Package

Can you say that you arrived by helicopter to your wedding? YES!
Can you say that you had the most beautiful ceremony place on Saona Island? YES!
With the Non Plus Ultra package you will have your special day with full of pampering; just like you have dreamt of.


Deluxe Wedding Package

The Deluxe package is more than you can imagine. Say ‘I Do’ at the stunning beach with beautiful flowers, live authentical music, wedding cake, bouquet, massage, photoshoot and more. The Deluxe Wedding Package is the perfect one when you’re seeking a ceremony that is both elegant and intimate.


Ultimate Wedding Package

Close your eyes, and imagine your dream wedding at a Caribbean beach: the intimate, beautiful place with white sand, crystal clear sea, colorful flowers, massage, local music, you and your love. These will make your big day unforgettable! With the Ultimate Wedding Package you can get the wedding of your dreams.


Royal Wedding Package

Once you find your Prince or Princess, you feel that you have to marry! Sandy beach, crystalline water, the perfect place to tie the knot between the love of your life and you. Give yourselves what you deserve: the Royal Wedding Package. Enjoy the exotic beachfront setting during the ceremony, photoshoot and lunch.


Classic Wedding Package

The palm surrounded beach gently kisses the surreal turquoise water, this dream view is a gift to your eyes and heart. This is the best place to tie the knot, and say ‘I Do’ to your loved one. Enjoy your big day with lunch, photoshoot and wedding music, at a stunning beach with white sand and crystal clear water.


Las Palmillas Wedding Package

Perfect weather, sparkling sunshine, dazzling white sand, turquoise sea and the unlimited hospitality of locals, all make it an unforgettable moment for your life. Say ‘I do’ under the flower – decorated wedding arch and our experienced photographer, besides the all-day happenings, takes specially arranged pictures of the young couple.


Wedding Photos In Altos De Chavon

Wedding pictures are supposed to transmit the feeling of the day, so it’s not enough just to document the events in a simple way, but they have to tell a story. After the wedding, the memories will soon fade away, so only the wedding photos remain to recall those wonderful experiences and moments.